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TEACHING: Workshops, Courses, Guest Artist Residencies, Private Consulting

Distinguished Teaching Award, The New School's highest honor for faculty


Playwriting class The New School

Alice has taught undergraduates, MFA students, teachers, children, teens and adults, in a variety of settings.


She offers:  one-on-one consulting & mentoring on plays, solo shows, and memoirs.

Guest artist residencies and master classes in playwriting, memoir, fiction, creative nonfiction, multi-genre creative writing, solo theater and performance. 


Since 1999, she has taught playwrighting, multi-genre creative writing, and solo theatre at The New School, where she received the 2020 University's Distinguished Teaching Award. Since 2019, she has been a MFA mentor in playwriting and creative nonfiction for the Augsburg University Creative Writing MFA Program.


Alice has conducted four guest artist residencies at the University of Michigan, and has been on the faculty of Arizona State University's annual writing Conference - - Desert Nights, Rising Stars. She was the inaugural Writer in Residence at the Frank McCourt High School for Writing and Journalism in NYC and has presented workshops at spas and resorts around the country. She has taught kids and teachers in over 100 schools nationwide as a teaching artist for Lincoln Center, Poets and Writers, New Orleans Dept of Ed, Theatreworks, and Symphony Space.

Quotes from educators and students

Joshua Banbury, New School playwriting student


"I direct the undergraduate writing curriculum here and Alice is a star faculty member, an incredible asset in to our program in every way...Alice is someone I instinctively reach out to help think through an idea before bringing it to our larger community. Alice is also deeply committed to her students here...We are incredibly lucky to have her on faculty."

- Laura Cronk, Chair of Undergraduate Curriculum, The New School Writing Program



"Thank you for your help in creating my play. My experience working with you has truly changed my life and ignited a flame within me that I thought had dwindled. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you. You will forever be a part of the reason why I write again, and your feedback will always be at the core of my play."

- Joshua Banbury, playwriting student, The New School"

"I give Alice my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation for a guest author residency.” —Laura Thomas, Program Head, Creative Writing, University of Michigan


"The students in our MFA program who have worked with Alice are consistent and enthusiastic in their praise for her. It is clear to me that (they) feel supported, challenged, and inspired, and that they are leaving our program with a new set of skills and a new confidence in their voice and craft that they would not have acquired or honed had they not worked with Alice… In all of our interactions, I come away more and more impressed by her talent, her dedication to her craft, her commitment to her students, and the profound and lasting impact of her mentorship… I highly recommend Alice as an instructor or visiting artist. I have no doubt of the positive and enduring influence she will leave in any community she serves."

– Lindsay Starck, Director, MFA Program, Augsburg University

"She is a remarkable teacher. She helped me to find my artistic voice, and her course had a major impact on my life and my career."—James Scruggs, playwright, performance artist.


"I want to thank you for this incredible workshop residency experience...I felt not only listened to, but cared for during our workshop sessions. Also, your out-of-workshop events were doubly incredible. I really loved the panels you put together."

—Patrick Clancy, Playwriting MFA student, Augsburg University

“She is a remarkable teacher. She helped me to find my artistic voice, and her course had a major impact on my life and my career.”—James Scruggs, playwright, performance artist.

“I am so lucky to have found you! It’s a real gift to deliver critique and insight in such an inspiring fashion.” —Chelsea Altman, playwrighting student


"Alice Eve Cohen is one of the most empathetic mentors I've ever had. As an autistic student, I often have difficulty understanding and processing directions. When we arrived at a miscommunication, we were able to work through it with no turbulence whatsoever. And as a transgender student, she made me feel validated and welcome regardless of my status, not in spite of it. The semester I spent building a play with her guidance resulted in one of the best finished products I've ever created, and I was so happy to share it with her, even after the class was long over. I'd recommend her for anyone and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her on any level, let alone a one-on-one basis for three months."

—Marissa McCool, MFA mentee, Augsburg Univ MFA creative writing program


"Thank you for such lovely, thoughtful, and in-depth notes, and for leading such an engaging, thought-provoking, FUN class this semester. I have learnt so much, about writing plays and about myself." - Harry Plumtre, playwriting student, The New School


"This class has blown my whole world wide open. I initially signed up because I knew I loved to write, and I used to be in the theater conservatory in high school. But since going to jazz school, I've sort of just dimmed the lights on that part of my brain. But literally ever since the first exercise you had us do in class I have felt so aligned with who I am again. This class has helped me rediscover a very integral part of myself and helped me hone my unique voice. Not just for the purpose of playwriting, this work has inspired my music so much. Honestly thanks to you I feel like I understand myself so much deeper and can see my future so much clearer." - Avalon Orion, playwriting student, The New School


"Thank you SO much for such an amazing semester. This class really changed my perspective on playwriting. You made this class so wonderful and such a pleasure to be a part of. I will for sure recommend your class to everyone. It was probably my favorite class that I took at The New School in my three years here as a transfer student." Alyssa Benedetto, playwriting student, The New School


"I feel incredibly blessed by the support, aid and direction Alice Eve Cohen gave me, as a professor, a mentor and a storyteller. My thesis course with Alice was one of the biggest highlights of my education as an undergraduate Student at The New School. From the beginning of the process, Alice showed deep respect, sensitivity and imagination. She showed me how to touch upon difficult circumstances in my writing with kindness and support; in the process, she shared exercises and activities that were both radically healing and creatively challenging. Without her support, I would have never finished writing my thesis, which dealt with traumas of my own journey and socio-political subjects pertaining my culture and heritage.  Alice is the type of professor that stands for the values of our university, and an ability to imagine in a conscious, healthy and innovative way how to educate, how to mind academic suppression, how to inquire sensitively about creativity, and create paths for new ways of thinking. It was an honor to work with her and learn from her."

—Gabriel Torres, thesis advisee, The New School, multi-genre performance artist, activist


"As my mentor, Alice helped bring clarity to my ideas, going to wonderful ends to understand every part of my creative vision. She helped me evolve concepts in ways that were my own, ways that never made me feel forced to conformity. She also brought herself and her own experience into the learning process without ever being intrusive. When I was lost for words, or inspiration, Alice found ways to relate to me with her own experience or history.  Not once, while working with me—an international, interracial, opinionated student with English as a second language—did she ever lose track of my goals. She made me feel like I was guided by capable, steady and caring hands. I have rarely, in my experience at schools in Europe and America, met a teacher who was so capable in educating with attention to individual student visions and goals, without fear of polarizing concepts, and with the utmost respect for intellectual, ethnic, and international diversity… I am eternally grateful for Alice and the experience I had working with her."

—Joris de Graaf, thesis advisee, The New School Creative Writing Program


"She is a remarkable teacher. She helped me to find my artistic voice, and her course had a major impact on my life and my career. In her class, I started writing what would become my first theatrical work, Disposable Men, a solo work about the "monsterization" of black men in America. Alice made the space a really safe one for us to work in. We were able to take chances and know that if it was not successful, we would not be ridiculed or patronized. I can say without a doubt that my entry into the theatrical community started in Alice's Solo Theater Class."
—James Scruggs, playwright and multi-media theatre artist


"Alice Eve Cohen was more than a playwriting teacher for me. I decided to move to New York City from Colombia after my mother and father passed away, and to find such a caring and sensitive person leading one of my classes at The New School felt almost like a miracle. Alice was rigorous, responsible and inclusive… She listened to her students and respected their styles and perspectives by giving assertive and constructive feedback. She never let us, or our writing, down. When the class came to an end there was a feeling of trust and love between us all… Alice Eve Cohen turned us into a creative family that would remain in contact thereafter sharing support, inspiration and thankfulness. I am back in Colombia but when I write I think of her and her unconditional love for playwriting. She will remain in my heart and writing forever."

—Matilde de los Milagros Londoño, writer, editor of national literary journal in Colombia