“A wry, magical memoir about the transcendent power of mother-daughter love… ‘It doesn’t matter whether she’s a ghost, or a memory, or my idea, or her idea, or God’s idea, or dust, or sound waves, or transfigured molecules, or an echo from the Cosmos. She’s here with me,’ writes Alice Eve Cohen in The Year My Mother Came Back.”
—Elle magazine

“A wry, magical memoir about the transcendent power of mother-daughter love.” —Elle
“The Year My Mother Came Back is a perfect book. I want to tell every body, every mother, every daughter, to read it” —Abigail Thomas, bestselling author of A Three Dog Life
“A riveting journey." Julie Metz, bestselling author of Perfection
“[A] must-read memoir” —Parent & Child magazine
"Full of moments of wisdom, deep candor and humor... beautifully written." --Jewish Woman Magazine


“Everything we love in a book -- profound, honest, hilarious, humane, surprising."
Anne Lamott, Salon.com BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR

AWARDS & PRESS: What I Thought I Knew, a memoir

* ELLE'S LETTRES GRAND PRIX: Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year
* 25 BEST BOOKS OF SUMMER—Oprah Magazine
* SALON.COM, Best Books of the Year
* Indie Next List Notables

"Her darkly hilarious memoir is an unexpected bundle of joy." O, the Oprah Magazine

“A gripping story about one of the most wrenching decisions a woman can make.” —People

"Gripping and deeply moving." Elle

“I could not put this book down. I got to the last pages, and I had tears in my eyes. It is a remarkable story.” –Harry Smith, CBS, The Early Show

"About what happens when crisis or change in fortune upends what someone thinks she knows about herself, or about how life works … Her memoir, which is shot through with humor, touches on … the stormy mix of ambivalence and love that many women bring to motherhood." The New York Times

“It is rare for a memoir about motherhood to read like a thriller, but What I Thought I Knew … is just that. The book is fascinating, brutally honest, and very funny.” – Annie Pleshette Murphy, ABC News Now

“Cohen is first and foremost a performer—a writer and actor of one-woman plays—so she knows how to build tension to a climax. Her easy intimacy when recounting the events of a pivotal year of her life is amazing.” –Bookpage

“Her witty, dramatic story builds suspense up to the final page.” –MORE Magazine

“I found Cohen’s fast-paced and intimate storytelling drawing me in and compelling me to be a part of her journey. It’s almost like sitting with an especially candid friend and listening to her story.” –Roxanne J. Coady, Women on the Web (wowOwow.com)

“If you’ve ever found yourself or a loved one in the strange terrain where ethics and practical thought conflict, this will clarify and inspire.” –Remedy Magazine

“By turns black comedy, Kafkaesque nightmare, medical mystery, and crisis of faith, What I Thought I Knew is ultimately a love story. Blessed with a witty, unsentimental, utterly human voice, Alice Eve Cohen has taken what might have been a personal catastrophe and turned it into a memoir of astonishing candor.” –Donald Margulies, author of Dinner with Friends, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama

“A hell of a well told story – a book you won't put down. I loved every word.” –Abigail Thomas, author of A Three Dog Life

“This wonderful, uplifting book is about facing life on life’s terms…. Many people will see themselves reflected in this fascinating story.” –Winnie Holzman, book writer for Wicked the musical

“Alice Eve Cohen is a true storyteller…. Her smart, intimate, quirky book is not so much a memoir as it is a tale: the question isn't just ‘Who am I?’ but ‘What kind of universe is this?’”
–Joan Wickersham, author of The Suicide Index, 2008 National Book Award Finalist

“Alice writes with humor, guts, and honesty, while spinning her unbelievable yet true tale like a master. I laughed; I cried. I crashed with her losses,;I soared with her triumphs. And I was gripped through every twist and turn. Alice Eve Cohen is my new hero. I aspire to look at my own life's challenges with her kind of ferocity and heartfelt wit.” –Jacquelyn Reingold, playwright and writer for HBO's In Treatment

“Candid, brave, and heartbreakingly funny. As her situation goes from bad to worse to unthinkable, Cohen not only survives but triumphs with integrity, hope and a sense of humor that is matched only by her courage.” –Patricia McCormick, author of Sold, 2007 National Book Award Finalist

“A true page-turner: a compelling and utterly unique human journey told with ruthless honesty and humor. All I kept thinking was ‘what a woman!’” –Christine Baranski, Emmy-, Tony-, SAG-, and Drama Desk Award-winning actress

“Captivating, beautifully written, inspiring, What I Thought I Knew should be read by every medical school student." –Jeffrey Trilling, MD, associate professor and chair, Department of Family Medicine, Stony Brook School of Medicine

“Remarkable… feels like an intimate conversation about the most earth-shaking moments in a woman's life… After reading this book, we may discover what we thought we knew and what we believe we know today.” --Maxine Greene


* Elle’s Lettres 2009 Grand Prix award for best non-fiction book of the year
* The New York Times feature article
* Interview with Harry Smith on CBS The Early Show
* Salon.com Best Books of the Year
* Elle Magazine review & Readers Choice prize for August
* Elle.com Top Ten Smartest, Sizzling Beach Reads
* People Magazine review
* Selected by Indie Booksellers for "Indie Notables"
* Interview on Radio New Zealand, Nine To Noon
* Interview in the New York Post
*Interview on Oprah.com
* Related Article in Huffington Post:
“Dr. George Tiller Saved My Life…and My Baby’s Life”
* Reader reviews on Amazon
* Interview on WNYC, The Leonard Lopate Show

Selected Works: Memoir; Solo Theater; Reviews and Articles; Teaching

“A wry, magical memoir about the transcendent power of mother-daughter love.” —Elle "The Year My Mother Came Back is a perfect book." Abigail Thomas, bestselling author of A Three Dog Life
“Everything we love in a book -- profound, honest, hilarious, humane, surprising." Anne Lamott, Salon BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR" "Her darkly hilarious memoir, What I Thought I Knew (Viking), is an unexpected bundle of joy.” Oprah Magazine
Solo Theatre
“A sold-out hit at the All For One Theatre Festival...Cohen’s performance is a constant, joyous amazement.” —Michael Wolk, Exec. Director, AFO Theatre Festival “So vivid, so immediate, so complex, so full of compassion, so brutally honest… This is what theater can be. All in one body—speaking, moving, falling still—and an audience, echoing each change.”—Tompkins Weekly, Ithaca, NY
One building. A city in upheaval. A solo play about twelve lives colliding. "Gripping" New York Times “A little show, but with such a big, embracing heart.”
–The Guardian, London
“Spellbinding…Our audiences were enraptured.” DTW, Family Matters “The best play I ever saw in my whole life. It was so funny, I hit my head on the floor.” John, 3rd grade
“She is a remarkable teacher. She helped me to find my artistic voice, and her course had a major impact on my life and my career.” —James Scruggs, playwright, performance artist.
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