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In the Cervix of Others

A full-length play. Winner of the 2019 Jane Chambers Playwriting Award. Selected to be featured as a part of the official program of the 2022 WOMEN PLAYWRIGHTS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE MONTREAL


SYNOPSIS: Jessica is at her gynecological exam in 2018, during the Kavanaugh/Ford hearing, and simultaneously in 1991, during the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearing. Woven into this time-traveling dark comedy is a mother-daughter tale of recrimination and forgiveness, an older woman reconciling with her younger self, a true story of pharmaceutical corruption, and the journey of a woman urgently trying to find her voice. Jessica's cervix is being filmed for a training video. While Dr. Cooperman narrates her cervix's perilous prenatal history, Jessica floats off the examining table and performs a stand-up routine on the ceiling. Her out-of-body storytelling launches her on an odyssey, during which she befriends the mythological Philomela from Ovid's Metamorphoses, whose ancient story has powerful contemporary resonance. Against the backdrop of the Kavanaugh and Thomas hearings, which play out on screens throughout the action of the play, Jessica finds a window into her past and reunites with her late mother; their relationship a stormy mix of ambivalence and love, filled with recriminations for events of the past over which they had no control. With emotional force and hilarious wit, the play explores the many ways women are silenced, the misogyny that taints women's healthcare, and the transcendent power of mother-daughter love. IN THE CERVIX OF OTHERS is a riveting journey, funny, painful and absurd.

(cast of 6 or 8: 3F, 3M; or 3 F, 2 M, 3 any gender)


For production rights please contact: Elaine Devlin Literary; Edevlinlit@aol.com 212-842-9030

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