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TEACHING: Workshops, Courses, Guest Artist Residencies, Private Consulting

Alice is available for one-on-one consultations on scripts, solo shows, and memoirs. Her playwriting and creative writing courses at The New School are open to all: degree and non-degree students. (See Event Calendar for course details)

"I give Alice my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation for a guest author residency.” —Laura Thomas, Program Head, Creative Writing, University of Michigan

“She is a remarkable teacher. She helped me to find my artistic voice, and her course had a major impact on my life and my career.”—James Scruggs, playwright, performance artist.

“I am so lucky to have found you! It’s a real gift to deliver critique and insight in such an inspiring fashion.” —Chelsea Altman, playwrighting student

“I want to thank you once again for a wonderful semester. You are truly an incredible teacher and mentor.” —Elian Zach, actress, writer

Alice has taught undergraduates, grad students, teachers, children, teens,and adults, in a wide variety of settings.

Since 1999 she has taught at The New School where she is on the faculty of the Creative Writing Program. She teaches undergraduate courses in playwriting and multi-genre creative writing, open to degree students and continuing ed students.

She has been a guest author at the University of Michigan, where she has taught and mentored writing students and theatre students. She has been on the faculty of Arizona State University's annual writing Conference - - Desert Nights, Rising Stars.

She teaches workshops in playwriting, memoir, fiction, solo theater and performance. She has been Writer in Residence at the Frank McCourt High School for Writing and Journalism in NYC, has taught workshops at spas and resorts, and has taught students and public school teachers as an artist-in-the-schools for Lincoln Center Institute and Poets and Writers.

Alice is also available for one-on-one consulting and mentoring on plays, memoirs, and fiction.